The Nostalgia Critic
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Rok produkcji: 2007
Gatunek: Komedia
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Sezon 1
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Sezon 2
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Sezon 3
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03x01 Commando05.01.2010
03x02 Junior12.01.2010
03x03 Conan: Part 119.01.2010
03x04 Conan: Part 221.01.2010
03x05 End of Days26.01.2010
03x06 The 100th Episode: Battlefi...02.02.2010
03x07 Bebe's Kids09.02.2010
03x08 Lost in Space16.02.2010
03x09 Top 11 Villain Songs23.02.2010
03x10 Quest for Camelot02.03.2010
03x11 Old vs. New: The Nutty Prof...09.03.2010
03x12 Bio-Dome16.03.2010
03x13 The NeverEnding Story II: T...23.03.2010
03x14 Top 11 Most Awkward Christo...30.03.2010
03x15 Flubber06.04.2010
03x16 Home Alone 313.04.2010
03x17 'Ask That Guy' Violates Ma-Ti20.04.2010
03x18 Old vs. New: King Kong27.04.2010
03x19 Drop Dead Fred04.05.2010
03x20 The Care Bears Movie11.05.2010
03x21 Kickassia Part 1: The Withe...17.05.2010
03x22 Kickassia Part 2: Triumph a...18.05.2010
03x23 Kickassia Part 3: Ingloriou...19.05.2010
03x24 Kickassia Part 4: The Begin...20.05.2010
03x25 Kickassia Part 5: The Fall ...21.05.2010
03x26 Kickassia Part 6: All the R...22.05.2010
03x27 Jaws 3D25.05.2010
03x28 Free Willy01.06.2010
03x29 A Troll in Central Park08.06.2010
03x30 Theodore Rex15.06.2010
03x31 Top 11 Coolest Cliches22.06.2010
03x32 Hook29.06.2010
03x33 Independence Day06.07.2010
03x34 The Room13.07.2010
03x35 The Tommy Wiseau Show20.07.2010
03x36 The Phantom27.07.2010
03x37 Zeus and Roxanne03.08.2010
03x38 Animaniacs Tribute10.08.2010
03x39 The Flintstones Movie17.08.2010
03x40 Mr. Nanny24.08.2010
03x41 Rocky IV31.08.2010
03x42 Chairman of the Board07.09.2010
03x43 The Next Top 11 Nostalgia C...14.09.2010
03x44 Pound Puppies and the Legen...21.09.2010
03x45 The Pebble and the Penguin28.09.2010
03x46 Ernest Scared Stupid05.10.2010
03x47 Top 11 Scariest Performances12.10.2010
03x48 It19.10.2010
03x49 Leprechaun26.10.2010
03x50 My Pet Monster02.11.2010
03x51 Nostalgic Commercials09.11.2010
03x52 Old vs. New: 10 Commandment...16.11.2010
03x53 Thief and the Cobbler23.11.2010
03x54 Waterworld30.11.2010
03x55 Little Monsters07.12.2010
03x56 Rover Dangerfield14.12.2010
03x57 You're a Rotten Dirty Basta...21.12.2010
03x58 The First Couple: TMNT28.12.2010
Sezon 4
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04x01 The NeverEnding Story III04.01.2011
04x02 Ferngully 211.01.2011
04x03 Secret of NIMH 218.01.2011
04x04 Care Bears 225.01.2011
04x05 Dungeons and Dragons01.02.2011
04x06 Top 11 Dumbest Spiderman Mo...08.02.2011
04x07 The Lost World: Jurassic Park15.02.2011
04x08 Return of the Nostalgic Com...22.02.2011
04x09 Inspector Gadget01.03.2011
04x10 Old vs. New: The Karate Kid08.03.2011
04x11 The Langoliers15.03.2011
04x12 Airborne22.03.2011
04x13 Baby Geniuses29.03.2011
04x14 The X-Men Cartoon05.04.2011
04x15 The Magic Voyage12.04.2011
04x16 Double Team19.04.2011
04x17 Top 11 Dumbasses in Distress26.04.2011
04x18 Jaws 4: The Revenge03.05.2011
04x19 Gordy10.05.2011
04x20 The Other Animated Titanic ...17.05.2011
04x21 Revenge of the Commercials24.05.2011
04x22 Once Upon a Forest31.05.2011
04x23 Little Nemo07.06.2011
04x24 Old vs. New: True Grit14.06.2011
04x25 Suburban Knights: Part I27.06.2011
04x26 Suburban Knights: Part II28.06.2011
04x27 Suburban Knights: Part III29.06.2011
04x28 Suburban Knights: Part IV30.06.2011
04x29 Suburban Knights: Part V01.07.2011
04x30 Suburban Knights: Part VI02.07.2011
04x31 Suburban Knights: Part VII03.07.2011
04x32 Transformers 3 Review05.07.2011
04x33 Milk Money12.07.2011
04x34 Rad19.07.2011
04x35 Duck Tales26.07.2011
04x36 The Care Bears Adventure in...02.08.2011
04x37 Cop and 1/209.08.2011
04x38 Top 11 Batman: TAS Episodes16.08.2011
04x39 Alaska23.08.2011
04x40 Let's Play Bart's Nightmare06.09.2011
04x41 James and the Giant Peach13.09.2011
04x42 The Avengers20.09.2011
04x43 Simon Sez27.09.2011
04x44 The Tommyknockers04.10.2011
04x45 The Haunting11.10.2011
04x46 Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows18.10.2011
04x47 Exorcist 225.10.2011
04x48 Doug's 1st Movie01.11.2011
04x49 The Cell08.11.2011
04x50 Superman: The Animated Series15.11.2011
04x51 Felix the Cat: The Movie22.11.2011
04x52 Moulin Rouge29.11.2011
04x53 Babes in Toyland06.12.2011
04x54 The Grinch15.12.2011
04x55 Child's Play20.12.2011
Sezon 5
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Sezon 6
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Sezon 7
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07x01 Face/Off07.01.2014
07x02 When Is Something So Bad It...14.01.2014
07x03 The Wicker Man21.01.2014
07x04 Ghost Rider04.02.2014
07x05 Top 11 Strangest (Yet Best)...11.02.2014
07x06 Ghost Dad18.02.2014
07x07 When Is a Movie Just a Movie?25.02.2014
07x08 Are You Sick of "Let I...04.03.2014
07x09 Alice in Wonderland11.03.2014
07x10 Top 11 Things You Never Not...18.03.2014
07x11 Disney Afternoon25.03.2014
07x12 What You Never Knew About B...01.04.2014
07x13 Foodfight!08.04.2014
07x14 Top 11 GOOD Things from the...15.04.2014
07x15 The Swan Princess22.04.2014
07x16 What You Never Knew About R...29.04.2014
07x17 The Lorax06.05.2014
07x18 Why Do We Love Stupid?13.05.2014
07x19 Old vs New - Spider-Man20.05.2014
07x20 Is Juno Any Damn Good?27.05.2014
07x21 Blues Brothers 200003.06.2014
07x22 What You Never Knew About G...10.06.2014
07x23 Jurassic Park III17.06.2014
07x24 After Earth01.07.2014
07x25 Nostalgia Critic Talks Tran...02.07.2014
07x26 Is Tree of Life Full of Shit?08.07.2014
07x27 BloodRayne15.07.2014
07x28 What You Never Knew About H...22.07.2014
07x29 The Purge29.07.2014
07x30 Top 11 Best Film Trailers05.08.2014
07x31 Small Soldiers12.08.2014
07x32 What You Never Knew About T...19.08.2014
07x33 The Princess Diaries 2: Roy...26.08.2014
07x34 Does "American Beauty&...02.09.2014
07x35 Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Ve...09.09.2014
07x36 Top 11 Worst Avatar Episodes16.09.2014
07x37 Top 11 Best Avatars23.09.2014
07x38 Is Eyes Wide Shut Just Arts...30.09.2014
07x39 Maximum Overdrive07.10.2014
07x40 Top 11 New Halloween Classics14.10.2014
07x41 Monster Squad21.10.2014
07x42 Is Sleepy Hollow Secretly B...28.10.2014
07x43 Rise of the Commercials04.11.2014
07x44 Is There Another Good Shyam...11.11.2014
07x45 Forest Warrior18.11.2014
07x46 What You Never Knew About P...25.11.2014
07x47 Grandma Got Run Over by a R...02.12.2014
07x48 Overlooked Christmas Specials09.12.2014
07x49 A Christmas Story 216.12.2014
07x50 What You Never Knew About C...23.12.2014
07x51 Care Bears Nutcracker Suite30.12.2014
Sezon 8
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08x01 The Matrix13.01.2015
08x02 The Animatrix20.01.2015
08x03 Matrix Reloaded27.01.2015
08x04 Matrix Revolutions03.02.2015
08x05 Did Tom and Jerry Kill Them...10.02.2015
08x06 Mamma Mia!17.02.2015
08x07 Can Hype Kill a Good Movie?24.02.2015
08x08 The Haunted Mansion03.03.2015
08x09 Why Is Nothing Original Any...10.03.2015
08x10 Daredevil17.03.2015
08x11 The Plot to Frozen 224.03.2015
08x12 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle...31.03.2015
08x13 The Dark Age of Movies07.04.2015
08x14 Demolition Man14.04.2015
08x15 Top 11 Animaniacs Episodes21.04.2015
08x16 The Legend of Zorro28.04.2015
08x17 The Ewoks Cartoon05.05.2015
08x18 Fantastic Four12.05.2015
08x19 Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Mo...19.05.2015
08x20 The Adventures of Sharkboy ...26.05.2015
08x21 Small Wonder02.06.2015
08x22 Jupiter Ascending09.06.2015
08x23 Sam and Max: Freelance Police16.06.2015
08x24 Jurassic World23.06.2015
08x25 Top 11 TV Show Intros30.06.2015
08x26 Planet of the Apes07.07.2015
08x27 Osmosis Jones21.07.2015
08x28 Are Kids Shows Better NOW T...28.07.2015
08x29 Garfield the Movie04.08.2015
08x30 Pixels18.08.2015
08x31 Why Does Everyone Hate the ...25.08.2015
08x32 The Smurfs01.09.2015
08x33 When Does a Joke Go Too Far?08.09.2015
08x34 Hammerman15.09.2015
08x35 Mad Max: Fury Road22.09.2015
08x36 Did You Miss the Most Shock...29.09.2015
08x37 Event Horizon06.10.2015
08x38 Should Found Footage Stop?13.10.2015
08x39 Children of the Corn20.10.2015
08x40 Top 11 Halloween Guilty Ple...27.10.2015
08x41 Hocus Pocus03.11.2015
08x42 Why Do We Holiday Too Early?10.11.2015
08x43 Conquest of the Commercials17.11.2015
08x44 Dragon's Lair24.11.2015
08x45 We Wish You a Turtle Christmas01.12.2015
08x46 Is a Charlie Brown Christma...08.12.2015
08x47 Christmas with the Kranks15.12.2015
08x48 Star Wars: The Force Awakens30.12.2015
Sezon 9
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09x01 Why Do Good Directors Go Bad?05.01.2016
09x02 The Happening12.01.2016
09x03 Top 11 Funniest Shyamalan M...19.01.2016
09x04 Lady in the Water26.01.2016
09x05 Tangled vs. Frozen02.02.2016
09x06 Labyrinth02.02.2016
09x07 Where's the Fair Use?16.02.2016
09x08 Spawn16.02.2016
09x09 Is Goofy Secretly Badass?01.03.2016
09x10 Cats & Dogs02.03.2016
09x11 Was the Mask Supposed to Be...15.03.2016
09x12 The Phantom of the Opera15.03.2016
09x13 How Right Are Trailers?29.03.2016
09x14 The Adventures of Pluto Nash05.04.2016
09x15 Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain12.04.2016
09x16 Batman vs. Superman19.04.2016
09x17 When Are Critics Wrong?26.04.2016
09x18 Blade03.05.2016
09x19 Is This the Best Batman Movie?10.05.2016
09x20 Old vs. New: Cinderella17.05.2016
09x21 Is White Washing Really Sti...24.05.2016
09x22 Spy Kids 3D: Game Over31.05.2016
09x23 Top 11 Disney Princess Cons...07.06.2016
09x24 Jem and the Holograms14.06.2016
09x25 The Grinch vs. The Cat in t...21.06.2016
09x26 Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unle...28.06.2016
09x27 How True Is Amadeus?05.07.2016
09x28 Alvin and the Chipmunks12.07.2016
09x29 Can a Film Be So Good It's ...26.07.2016
09x30 Ghostbusters (2016)02.08.2016
09x31 Teddy Ruxpin: The Live Acti...09.08.2016
09x32 Wild Wild West16.08.2016
09x33 All the Looney Tunes Movies23.08.2016
09x34 Is Weird the New Brilliant?06.09.2016
09x35 The THIRD Animated Titanic ...13.09.2016
09x36 Does PG Mean Anything Anymore?20.09.2016
09x37 The Adventures of Rocky & B...27.09.2016
09x38 Is Nightmare Before Christm...04.10.2016
09x39 Dreamcatcher11.10.2016
09x40 The Top 11 Gravity Falls Ep...18.10.2016
09x41 Freddy vs. Jason25.10.2016
09x42 Can an Ending Ruin a Film?01.11.2016
09x43 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle...08.11.2016
09x44 Was Tiny Toons Written by K...15.11.2016
09x45 Battle of the Commercials22.11.2016
09x46 Disney Sequels We Want29.11.2016
09x47 Inspector Gadget Saves Chri...06.12.2016
09x48 Top 12 Christmas Commercials13.12.2016
09x49 I'll Be Home for Christmas20.12.2016
09x50 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story28.12.2016
Sezon 10
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10x01 The Top 11 Best Movie Sequels03.01.2017
10x02 Alvin and the Chipmunks: Th...10.01.2017
10x03 The Top 11 Worst Movie Sequels17.01.2017
10x04 The Smurfs 224.01.2017
10x05 Garfield: A Tail of Two Kit...07.02.2017
10x06 Why Do So Many Sequels Suck?14.02.2017
10x07 Cool World21.02.2017
10x08 What Happened to Great Disn...28.02.2017
10x09 Old vs New: Evil Dead07.03.2017
10x10 Top 11 WTF Alternate Endings14.03.2017
10x11 Balto21.03.2017
10x12 Should Bad Singers Be Dubbed?28.03.2017
10x13 Fant4stic04.04.2017
10x14 Is This the Best Joker Death?11.04.2017
10x15 Clockstoppers18.04.2017
10x16 The WEIRDEST Jack and the B...25.04.2017
10x17 The Flintstones in Viva Roc...02.05.2017
10x18 Nostalgia Critic Suicide Sq...10.05.2017
10x19 Suicide Squad16.05.2017
10x20 Was the Killing Joke That Bad?23.05.2017
10x21 Was Family Guy Meant to Be ...31.05.2017
10x22 Alien vs. Predator07.06.2017
10x23 Transformers: The Last Knight14.06.2017
10x24 Wonder Woman20.06.2017
10x25 When Should Remakes Not Hap...27.06.2017
10x26 Norm of the North04.07.2017
10x27 Cats Don't Dance11.07.2017
10x28 Hulk18.07.2017
10x29 Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka ...25.07.2017
10x30 Monkeybone01.08.2017
10x31 G.I. Joe: The Movie08.08.2017
10x32 The Sorcerer's Apprentice15.08.2017
10x33 DuckTales 201722.08.2017
10x34 Eragon29.08.2017
10x35 Do Credits Suck Now?05.09.2017
10x36 Kangaroo Jack12.09.2017
10x37 A Goofy Movie19.09.2017
10x38 Green Lantern26.09.2017
10x39 Scary Godmother03.10.2017
10x40 It (2017)10.10.2017
10x41 Halloween (2007)17.10.2017
10x42 The Mummy24.10.2017
10x43 The Mummy (2017)31.10.2017
10x44 Dragonball Evolution07.11.2017
10x45 Bangarang14.11.2017
10x46 War of the Commercials22.11.2017
10x47 Super Mario Bros: the Anime29.11.2017
10x48 Rapsittie Street Kids: Beli...05.12.2017
10x49 A Muppet Family Christmas12.12.2017
10x50 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York19.12.2017
10x51 Star Wars: The Last Jedi27.12.2017
Sezon 11
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Sezon 12
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Sezon 13
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Sezon 14
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14x01 Shark Tale06.01.2021
14x02 The FREAKIEST Raggedy Ann M...20.01.2021
14x03 The Mummy Returns27.01.2021
14x04 Career Dive: Jim Carrey03.02.2021
14x05 Batman vs. Teenage Mutant N...10.02.2021
14x06 917.02.2021
14x07 Strange Magic24.02.2021
14x08 The Terminator03.03.2021
14x09 Terminator 2: Judgment Day10.03.2021
14x10 Terminator 3: Rise of the M...17.03.2021
14x11 Terminator Salvation24.03.2021
14x12 Terminator Genisys31.03.2021
14x13 Terminator: Dark Fate07.04.2021
14x14 Career Dive: Danny DeVito14.04.2021
14x15 Wonder Woman 198421.04.2021
14x16 Freaked28.04.2021
14x17 The Prince of Egypt12.05.2021
14x18 Blade: Trinity19.05.2021
14x19 Mulan (2020)26.05.2021
14x20 Julie Taymor02.06.2021
14x21 Tom and Jerry (2021)09.06.2021
14x22 Scooby-Doo! Curse of the La...16.06.2021
14x23 Who Framed Roger Rabbit23.06.2021
14x24 The Banana Splits Movie30.06.2021
14x25 Ready Player One07.07.2021
14x26 Men in Black II14.07.2021
14x27 An American Tail21.07.2021
14x28 Monty Python's The Meaning ...28.07.2021
14x29 Cats04.08.2021
14x30 Jetsons: The Movie11.08.2021
14x31 Atlantis: The Lost Empire18.08.2021
14x32 Mystery Men25.08.2021
14x33 X-Men: Dark Phoenix01.09.2021
14x34 Cinderella III: A Twist in ...08.09.2021
14x35 Top 11 Movies Saved by the ...15.09.2021
14x36 The Mask22.09.2021
14x37 The Nightmare Before Christmas06.10.2021
14x38 The Ring13.10.2021
14x39 Scooby Doo and the Witch's ...20.10.2021
14x40 The Lawnmower Man27.10.2021
14x41 Leap!03.11.2021
14x42 Space Jam: A New Legacy10.11.2021
14x43 A Series of Unfortunate Events17.11.2021
14x44 Commercials Resurrection24.11.2021
14x45 Beauty and the Beast: The E...01.12.2021
14x46 The Polar Express08.12.2021
14x47 Home Alone: The Holiday Heist15.12.2021
14x48 Grumpy Cat's Worst Christma...22.12.2021
14x49 Reindeer Games29.12.2021
Sezon 15
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15x01 Old05.01.2022
15x02 Birds of Prey12.01.2022
15x03 Rango19.01.2022
15x04 Daphne & Velma26.01.2022
15x05 Pan02.02.2022
15x06 Tarzan09.02.2022
15x07 National Treasure16.02.2022
15x08 Return to Oz23.02.2022
15x09 Batman Begins02.03.2022
15x10 The Dark Knight09.03.2022
15x11 The Dark Knight Rises16.03.2022
15x12 Batman (1989)23.03.2022
15x13 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm30.03.2022
15x14 Hancock06.04.2022
15x15 Bobbleheads: The Movie13.04.2022
15x16 Lilo & Stitch20.04.2022
15x17 Pinocchio: A True Story27.04.2022
15x18 The Rugrats Movie04.05.2022
15x19 Spider-Man: No Way Home11.05.2022
15x20 The Brave Little Toaster18.05.2022
15x21 Tombstone25.05.2022
15x22 The Fifth Element08.06.2022
15x23 Garfield and Friends15.06.2022
15x24 Legend of the Guardians19.06.2022
15x25 The Batman22.06.2022
15x26 The Addams Family Movies29.06.2022
15x27 The Secret of NIMH06.07.2022
15x28 The Austin Powers Movies13.07.2022
15x29 Morbius20.07.2022
15x30 The Shrek Movies27.07.2022
15x31 Brave03.08.2022
15x32 Willy's Wonderland10.08.2022
15x33 Diary of a Wimpy Kid17.08.2022
15x34 The Kung Fu Panda Movies24.08.2022
15x35 The Matrix Resurrections31.08.2022
15x36 Beetlejuice07.09.2022
15x37 Jurassic World Dominion14.09.2022
15x38 Back to the Future Movies21.09.2022
15x39 The Princess and the Frog28.09.2022
15x40 Hotel Transylvania Movies05.10.2022
15x41 The Frighteners12.10.2022
15x42 The Munsters (2022)19.10.2022
15x43 The Mist26.10.2022
15x44 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius02.11.2022
15x45 Anastasia09.11.2022
15x46 Cloudy with a Chance of Mea...16.11.2022
15x47 Commercials H2023.11.2022
15x48 Hoodwinked30.11.2022
15x49 Elf07.12.2022
15x50 A Christmas Carol (2009)14.12.2022
15x51 A Garfield Christmas21.12.2022
15x52 Home Sweet Home Alone28.12.2022
Sezon 16
Tytuł Polski tytuł Premiera Pobrań Pobierz Akcje
16x01 The Ant Bully04.01.2023
16x02 The Sword in the Stone11.01.2023
16x03 Charlie's Angels (2000)18.01.2023
16x04 The Twilight Saga01.02.2023
16x05 Click08.02.2023
16x06 Zathura: A Space Adventure15.02.2023
16x07 Iron Man22.02.2023
16x08 Pirates of the Caribbean: T...01.03.2023
16x09 Pirates of the Caribbean: D...08.03.2023
16x10 Pirates of the Caribbean: A...15.03.2023
16x11 Pirates of the Caribbean: O...22.03.2023
16x12 Pirates of the Caribbean: D...29.03.2023
16x13 Despicable Me and Minions M...05.04.2023
16x14 Puss in Boots: The Last Wish12.04.2023
16x15 Top 11 Disney Remakes That ...19.04.2023
16x16 The Simpsons Movie26.04.2023
16x17 Beethoven03.05.2023
16x18 M3gan10.05.2023
16x19 Cartoon Network Bumpers17.05.2023
16x20 The Little Mermaid (1989)24.05.2023
16x21 Dudley Do-Right31.05.2023
16x22 Kids WB07.06.2023
16x23 White Chicks14.06.2023
16x24 Baby's Day Out21.06.2023
16x25 South Park Movie28.06.2023
16x26 The SpongeBob Movie05.07.2023
16x27 The Great Mouse Detective12.07.2023
16x28 The Super Mario Bros Movie19.07.2023
16x29 Bean26.07.2023
16x30 The Truman Show02.08.2023
16x31 Beavis and Butt-Head Do Ame...09.08.2023
16x32 Top 11 Tom and Jerry Episodes16.08.2023
16x33 The Three Stooges Movie23.08.2023
16x34 The Road to El Dorado30.08.2023
16x35 The Pee-Wee Movies06.09.2023
16x36 Robin Hood (1973)13.09.2023
16x37 Liar Liar20.09.2023
16x38 The Flash27.09.2023
16x39 Monster House04.10.2023
16x40 Coraline11.10.2023
16x41 Trick 'r Treat18.10.2023
16x42 Stephen King's Thinner25.10.2023
16x43 Peter Pan (2003)01.11.2023
16x44 The Little Mermaid (2023)08.11.2023
16x45 Mrs. Doubtfire15.11.2023
16x46 Kingdom of the Commercials23.11.2023
16x47 Home Alone29.11.2023
16x48 Edward Scissorhands07.12.2023
16x49 Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker...13.12.2023
16x50 Wakko's Wish20.12.2023
Sezon 17
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17x01 On Deadly Ground03.01.2024
17x02 Fat Albert10.01.2024
17x03 Aladdin (1992)17.01.2024
17x04 Top 11 Funniest Disney Vill...07.02.2024
17x05 Kung Pow: Enter the Fist14.02.2024
17x06 Spider-Man: Across the Spid...21.02.2024
17x07 Episode #17.7-
17x08 Episode #17.8-
17x09 Episode #17.9-
17x10 Episode #17.10-

Jeżeli widzisz że są pobrania, ale nie można pobrać napisów z serwisu oznacza to że są w sieci napisy do jakiejś wersji filmu, ale nie są to napisy godne tego serwisu. Takie napisy można pobrać za pomocą programu Napisy24 (program pobierze i oznaczy takie napisy jedną gwiazdką) lub wystarczy odpalić ALLPlayera który jak wykryje że nie ma napisów wyszuka je na wielu serwisach i pobierze dla Ciebie pasujące napisy automatycznie.

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