Ocena IMDB: 8.9 Głosów: 3.902
Rok produkcji: 2013
Gatunek: Dokument
Sezony: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Liczba subskrybentów:
Sezon 1
Tytuł Polski tytuł Premiera Pobrań Pobierz Akcje
01x01 Assassination Nation/The Killer...05.04.2013
01x02 Escape from North Korea/World's...12.04.2013
01x03 Gun School/Toxic Iraq19.04.2013
01x04 Chinese Cockblock/European Melt...26.04.2013
01x05 Mormon Lost Boys/The Fat Farms ...03.05.2013
01x06 China's Ghost Towns/Egypt on th...10.05.2013
01x07 Tobaccoland/Underground Heroin ...17.05.2013
01x08 Senegalese Laamb Wrestling/The ...31.05.2013
01x09 Chiraq/Nigeria's Oil Pirates07.06.2013
01x10 Basketball Diplomacy-842
Sezon 2
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02x01 Afghan Money Pit & the Pacifica...14.03.2014
02x02 Greenland Is Melting & Bonded L...21.03.2014
02x03 American Scrap & Children of th...28.03.2014
02x04 A Syria of Their Own & White Gold04.04.2014
02x05 Terrorist University & Armagedd...11.04.2014
02x06 Rocky Mountain High & North Kor...25.04.2014
02x07 The Pink Gang Rebellion & Genet...02.05.2014
02x08 The Resource Curse & Deliver Us...09.05.2014
02x09 Crude Awakening & Enemy of My E...16.05.2014
02x10 23.05.2014
02x11 Heroin Warfare & the Coldest War06.06.2014
02x12 Surveillance City & The For...13.06.2014

Sezon 3
Tytuł Polski tytuł Premiera Pobrań Pobierz Akcje
03x00 Vice Special Report: Killing Ca...27.02.2015
03x01 Our Rising Oceans07.03.2015
03x02 To Serve and Protect & Coming t...13.03.2015
03x03 We the People & Countdown to Ex...20.03.2015
03x04 Lines in the Sand & Outsourcing...27.03.2015
03x05 Synthetic Drug Revolution & Tra...10.04.2015
03x06 The Post-Antibiotic World & Ind...17.04.2015
03x07 Sweet Home Alabama & Haitian Mo...24.04.2015
03x08 Egyptian Tomb Raiders & Rent a ...06.03.2015
03x09 Savior Seeds & India's Water Cr...06.03.2015
03x10 A Prayer for Uganda & Kidneyville06.03.2015
03x11 Evolution of a Plague & Campus ...05.06.2015
03x12 Enemies at the Gates & Global J...12.06.2015
03x13 Afghanistan After Us & La Haine19.06.2015
03x14 Cold War
03x15 VICE Special Report: Fixing the...27.09.2015
03x16 VICE Special Report: Countdown ...01.12.2015
03x18 VICE Special Report: Fighting ISIS31.01.2016
Sezon 4
Tytuł Polski tytuł Premiera Pobrań Pobierz Akcje
04x01 Boko Haram & Unnatural Selection05.02.2016
04x02 Escape to Europe & Cycle of Terror12.02.2016
04x03 Right to Die19.02.2016
04x04 Beating Blindness & White Colla...26.02.2016
04x05 Meathooked & End of Water04.03.2016
04x06 Return to Yemen/Church and States11.03.2016
04x07 Palestine Now and Viva Cuba Libre25.03.2016
04x08 Afghan Women's Rights & Floatin...08.04.2016
04x09 The Future of Energy15.04.2016
04x10 Trump in Dubai & China in Africa22.04.2016
04x11 The Deal & City of Lost Children29.04.2016
04x12 The End of Polio and Collateral...06.05.2016
04x13 State of Surveillance27.05.2016
04x14 Heroin Crisis & New Age of Nukes03.06.2016
04x15 Flint Water Crisis & Libya on t...10.06.2016
04x16 Die Trying17.06.2016
04x17 Student Debt and Fecal Medicine24.06.2016
04x18 The New $pace Race & Closing Gitmo01.07.2016
Sezon 5
Tytuł Polski tytuł Premiera Pobrań Pobierz Akcje
05x01 Assad's Syria & Cost of Climate...24.02.2017
05x02 Trans Youth03.03.2017
05x03 When the Earth Melts & the Disp...10.03.2017
05x04 Kings of Cannabis & Into the Da...17.03.2017
05x05 Black and Blue & Our Bionic Future24.03.2017
05x06 End of Amateurism01.04.2016
05x07 Life Under Sharia & Plastic Oceans07.04.2017
05x08 Fast Food of Arabia & Nollywood21.04.2017
05x09 Medical Détente & Bananas28.04.2017
05x10 Taliban Resurgence05.05.2017
05x11 Engineering Immortality & Robot...12.05.2017
05x12 Women Behind Bars & Business of...19.05.2017
05x13 Taking Back Iraq & Lost Generation02.06.2017
05x14 The Politics of Terror/End of t...09.06.2017
05x15 Future of Firearms & Russia 'Wi...16.06.2017
05x16 Last Line of Defense & El Rostro23.06.2017
05x17 Cyber Supremacy & Japan Rising30.06.2017
05x18 Power to the President14.07.2017
05x19 Crude Reality & Between Oil and...28.07.2017
05x20 Autism Under the Lens04.08.2017
05x21 Show of Force & Return to Somalia11.08.2017
05x22 Controlling the Narrative & Pow...18.08.2017
05x23 Dawn of a Dictator25.08.2017
05x24 Dirty Oil & Rebuilding Our Reefs08.09.2017
05x25 Dark Web & Future of Appalachia15.09.2017
05x26 Divide and Conquer & Crackdown ...22.09.2017
05x27 Russian Hacking & Contagion29.09.2017
05x28 Post-Truth News & Microbiome06.10.2017
05x29 After ISIS & Cubs of the Caliphate13.10.2017
Sezon 6
Tytuł Polski tytuł Premiera Pobrań Pobierz Akcje
06x01 Raised in the System06.04.2018
06x02 Battle for Jerusalem & A Face I...13.04.2018
06x03 A Revolution in Ruins/New Kids ...20.04.2018
06x04 The Parkland Effect27.04.2018
06x05 Massacre in Myanmar/The Blue He...04.05.2018
06x06 Iran in Iraq/Dying on the Vine11.05.2018
06x07 Russian Democracy/Global Gag Rule18.05.2018
06x08 Printing Tomorrow & Are We Alone01.06.2018
06x09 No Choice But to Choose/Rebel R...08.06.2018
06x10 The Cost of Living/Paradise Lost15.06.2018
06x11 Separated by Birth22.06.2018
06x12 The Big Fix/Silicon Valley of I...29.06.2018
06x13 A Kurdish State & Out of Space06.07.2018
06x14 Opioid Generation & Hindustan13.07.2018
06x15 After the Fall20.07.2018
06x16 Waiting to Die/Women in War03.08.2018
06x17 Trump's Trade War10.08.2018
06x18 A New Leaf/Quantum Supremacy17.08.2018
06x19 Trans In Texas/Nicaragua Déjà Vu24.08.2018
06x20 American Piety/Terror in Congo07.09.2018
06x21 Engineering Earth14.09.2018
06x22 Brainhackers/Fall of Rio21.09.2018
06x23 Consent28.09.2018
06x24 Voodoo Wrestling & Big Placebo05.10.2018
06x25 Death Inc.; Bannon's World09.11.2018
06x26 The Road To Asylum/Lab Rat Nation16.11.2018
06x27 A Living Hell/MDMA for PTSD23.11.2018
06x28 The War at Home/Putin's Crimea30.11.2018
06x29 Doom Boom/Unfair07.12.2018
06x30 Back in the DPRK/California Bur...14.12.2018

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